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We provide a modern and affordable creative space for photographers.

Our studio welcomes all levels of photographers.

Our main shooting room is 10’ x 30’ and has available; wall mounted Enlinchrom lighting system with the options of one, two, three or four lights.

A beauty dish.

Enlinchrom Ring Flash for portraits.

Wireless triggers.


Assorted colour backdrops.

Lastolite  HiLite 6 x 7 softbox for high key photography.

Makeup and dressing area.

Full bathroom, kitchen area and meeting room.


Mac computer.

Tripod on wheels.

Attic space repurposed into a bedroom for multi-purpose and concept photography.

Studio 1260 can also be rented as a photo exhibition space for galleries of all types. Allow us to showcase your work on Studio 1260’s more than 500 Sq feet of wall space.

This space is also great for photography workshops, allowing photographers to share their passions with other like-minded individuals.

The Studio: About Us
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